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Do you believe that great schools help make Burlingame great? Join us and learn more about BCE at the BCE website and Like us on Facebook.
What is BCE?
In 1981, Burlingame citizens had the foresight to establish the Burlingame Community Education Foundation, or BCE, a non-profit foundation to financially support the K-8 public schools in our district to make sure our kids continued to have access to exceptional public education in a state where many districts have been unable to fund these programs.
What is the BCE misson?
The Burlingame Community Education Foundation's (BCE) Mission is to help Burlingame School District (BSD) sustain and enhance an exceptional public education for all K-8 students. Working together with parents, the school district, and community, BCE provides BSD with financial resources to create a rich and inspiring education for our children beyond what is possible with public funds.
Why do we need BCE?
Widely regarded as one of the best systems of education in the country as recently as 40 years ago, the California public school system his now ranked 45th out of 50. Other large states that have undergone similar shifts — Florida, Illinois, New York, and Texas — have not suffered similar setbacks in public education. (Ultimate Test: Who Is Accountable for Education If Everybody Fails?". Rand Institute.")
How does BCE impact Washington Elementary School? 
This year's grant helps our kids enjoy services such as:
  • class size preservation
  • teacher professional development, including new Common Core State Standards
  • science specialist
  • new district math specialist
  • credentialed K-8 unified music program
  • credentialed K-8 physical education program
  • K-8 library services
How is BCE different from the Washington PTA or the Washington Dad's Club?
Each of these organizations plays an important role in supporting the education of our children.   Click here for a comparison of the goals and contributions of all three organizations.  

How can I help?
Parents are empowered to make a difference in the education of our children by donating to BCE. BCE's grant provides our Burlingame School District with funds that make a positive impact on every K-8 student. Thank you to all the generous parents, local businesses and volunteers who last year helped us raise our largest grant ever to benefit our kids!
Do you believe that great schools help make Burlingame great? Join us and learn more about BCE at Burlingame Community Education Foundation and Like us on Facebook.

BCE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation.